Thursday, November 17, 2016

Why do mother's commit maternal filicide?

Today in class, we read an article on the topic of mothers who had shamelessly killed their children. Why did they do this? I believe this problem lies with mental illness. No mother nor parent, in the right mind would ever have the thought of killing their children, or in this case, actually pursuing too.
These mothers committed maternal filicide due to the fact they were sucicidal, experiencing depression or was mentally unstable. As said by Lanny Berman, executive director of the American association of sucicidology, Mothers don't kill their children unless they are seriously disturbed. She had also stated "If there is indeed no suicidal behavior on her part, then typically it’s homicidal behavior associated with a psychotic break or postpartum depression". Thus, I conclude, mothers who had murdered their offspring were mentally unstable.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Taoism to Early China

Taoist texts help greatly, it deepens our understanding of early Chinese history. Today we looked a article called "Reconstructing Taoism's transformation in China". Taoism explains and shows another aspect of Chinese society that you can't get from the "zhengshi", or "official stories". Allowing a different perspective and part of the ancient civilization, which wasn't a 'modified' version of the emperors's certified history. For instance, early history sheds light on China as a whole. China has never had a alternate political system other than a Emperor, which was the model for over 2,000 years. However, the early history of Taoism differs. It is a theocracy based around heavenly masters. The celestial master was supposed to establish a new political structure, the "Great Peace", where every individual was treated fairly. Giving an alternative to the norm of Confucianism.

Friday, October 14, 2016

The World

Today in class, we read a article about a theory that our existence is a computer stimulation. Leading us to come up with the question, Is the world real? Scientists bring up the topic that our world is a virtual reality inside a computer system. The reasoning behind this is that everything in the universe is essentially backed up against mathematical evidence, just like coding in a computer. Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the museum's Hayden Planetariums, put the odds at a 50-50 chance, that our existence is a program on some one else's hard drive. However, I don't believe that our world is purely a game. This is because our perception is reality. If we are capable of thinking, having emotions then in fact we are real. Also, said by René Descartes, the idea that we can question are existence is what makes us authentic not artificial. Therefore, I side with theoretical physicist, Lisa Randall. That this idea's truth is effectively zero.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Holocaust v Job

It is known that the suffering of people involved in the holocaust and to Job was absolutely
horrible. How could the almighty and loving God allow this to happen, to all these
 inoccent people? In the article of "Holocaust survivors: The search for faith", Moshe Yosef Daum and Fela Nussbaum's stories are introduced. They have been pained deeply, just like Job was. Leading Fela to lose her faith and Job as well, in the beginning of the story. When a terrible event occurred, Menacham's mother, Fela had a similar reaction to Job's. For instance, she still felt anger towards God. As mentioned in the text, she did not feel the strong need for forgiveness from God, rather why he was silent when her family was left to die. Also stated in the article, Fela had lost her family members by the tradegy. Job had lost his family as well, by his disaster. The stories were simililar because at the end Job managed to keep his loyalty to God, just like Moshe had done. On the other hand, their story differs from Job. To start, Menacham's parent have not been tortued by God directly and purposely, as Job was. But these participants were still violated. Job had gave up on his faith in the beginning, but Moshe, Menacham's father, still kept his faith and love for God throughout. Even when he encountered absolute horror, dealing with starvation, his people dying, and having his life threatened. Yet he continued to be devoted to God even when he abandoned them.This diferrents him for Job, Job could not keep his loyalty for the lord at first. When Job felt let down on and had lost his family, including his health  spiraling down. With losing everything he has ever loved. He could not stay in a constant devotion to God. In a sum, Menacham's parents and Job both have suffered greatly, however it was their reaction to God which differed.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Book of Job

The Book of Job depicts the story of a man named Job, who is faced with a horrible fate. God, influenced by Satan, questions Job's faith to him. If all his possessions and valuables are taken away would Job still believe in God? This story corresponds to the other stories in the Old Testament. For instance, In Noah's Arc, the story begins with a kind, faithful man being chosen by God to do a task, a task which was caused by God's destruction (the flood). In the Book of Job, a loyal and faithful man is chosen as well, but instead the man is tortured by God. Job's situation also relates to the story of Adam and Eve, since both Job and Adam were being tested by God. Abraham had an similar position  where he was tested, however God didn't treat him as harshly as he did to Job. This is mainly different from the Old Testament stories because Job's suffering was by a mutual decision from both God and Satan. Job was being used as something to bet on. This was unlike any of the stories in the Old Testament, since God has never been persuaded by another being. Overall, from looking at the differences and comparisons between the stories, it's known that God is not a force to reckon with. Job was a non sinful man, even with obeying God, the lord is still capable of being creul and causing destruction.

Friday, September 30, 2016


The best thing about Highschool, I have to say is the freedom. We can go about the halls as we wish, teachers are less strict, and we have more independence... Looking back to middle and elementary school I haven't realized how controlling and 'hawk' like the teachers were, watching your every move. Now, Roaming the halls, having your phones out are allowed. In addition to that, the whole student body received iPads. With teachers like Mr.Reiff that incorporate technology, learning is a lot more creative and modern. I feel that my past teachers hyped up Highschool too much, and now that I'm here the teachers are less strict then they were.  However with freedom, comes with a lot more responsibility, which I believe is the worst part of Highschool. Grades start to count, and it feels like the stress triples. Overall, The positives of Highschool, out weigh the negatives.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

God is...🙈

         From Reading multiple parts of Genesis, I come to a conclusion that God is not only loving and kind but he is merciful. This was a interesting perspective to view God since he isn't generally viewed as creul as he is made in Genesis. Through creating this I come to a realization that God came off as a bully, he wiped out life by creating a flood and earlier on he sentenced Adam and Eve to live a life that is not just good but evil. God is a complex and superior character, who I believe abuses his power a little to often.